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Consolidated squad police employee received another award Rivne (+ photos)

Employees of the State of Rivne awarded a diploma of the National Guard of Ukraine for conscientious performance of their duties in the area of ??anti-terrorist operations. The situation in the country remains difficult because inspectors continue to defend their land Batkivschynu and ensure peace and tranquility in their native land. - 27 May ATO zone once again went a combined detachment of police employee of Rivne. This is the ninth rotation of our inspectors, - said Head of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region Alexander Semeniuk. - Most of those who have already visited the East Ukraine, in fulfillmenttasks were awarded diplomas and medals. Over the entire period of the antiterrorist operation Rivne traffic police showed his best side. Repeatedly detained persons suspected of terrorism, illegal weapons confiscated, and helped the public. For skillful and decisive action during a joint performance of service and combat fortasks in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation, this time built detachment STI of MIA of Ukraine in the field rovnenko awarded the diploma of the National Guard of Ukraine. After that personnel Rivne and the State in the future fulfill all its tasks to the sky over the heads of our compatriots were peaceful. On thoseBC the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region