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In the Rivne region rescuers trained public safety regulations at the residence of

employees on June 19 Dubno city district administration sector Main DSNS region in cooperation with the village council and employees of social protection, conducted a comprehensive fire-preventive testing Rural housing sector Stovpetskoyikoyi Council. Rescuers reminded both adults and children about the need to be vigilant when using fire and gas equipment and appliances, gave examples of past fires and their causes. Particular attention raid group focused on dvorohospodarstvah socially disadvantaged groups, members of the so-calledrisk that in some circumstances find themselves in poverty and the issue of fire safety in their own premises are not in the first place. Given the location of the land settlement near forests, stressed Rescue workers and people on the subject of fire safety in ekosystemax and water safety. For a better perception of the necessary information DSNS workers handed out leaflets to local residents and relevant information from express rules of life safety. City District Dubno sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region