Rivne region, as part of "mobile social office" advises rescuers population

February 19 in Novorichytskiy village council Zarichnensky held visiting reception area « Mobile Social Office & raquo ;, in the service which was attended by district staff Zarichnensky sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne representativesers Social Services, Employment, Pension Fund. With citizens was held to inform on current legislation and measures of social, civil protection and fire safety, provided Rose ’ explanations on providing housing subsidies, pensions, state aid to families with children. Employees of the State Service of the National Assembly Zaryachnenskoho District Sector advises citizens on issues of public policy in the areas of civil protection of population and territories from emergency situations and prevention, emergency response, fire and technological safety of emergency responders, non-industrial injury preventionnature of state supervision (control) of the observance and implementation of legislation in the areas of fire and technological safety. However, it was clearly disseminated propaganda among the population Novorichytskoyi village council, so people do not forget fire safety rules and behavior in the emergence of possible emergencies. PG DSNS UkRaina in Rivne region