In Chernihiv paid tribute to fallen heroes Maxim Koval

June 19, the anniversary of the death of a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maksym Koval, on the building of Chernihiv comprehensive school I - III stages of number 35 opened a memorial board memory countryman. At the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque at the school where he studied hero took part equivalentfor mayor - manager of the executive committee Stanislav Vikhrov, heads of departments of Education and Culture of the City Council Vladimir Kupriyanenko and Yuri Tkach, teaching and student staff, relatives and relatives of the victims, the public Chernihiv. Deputy mayor - manager of the executive committee S. Vikhrov expressed profound condolencesin their irreparable loss. "I am sure that every child who is studying at the school, will always remember the hero Maxim Koval. He selflessly served and defended the integrity and independence of our country. Man alive, until her remember. So remember everyone who died because they gave their lives for the sake of a brighter and peaceful future ", - said S.Vikhrov, addressing the audience. The director of the institution Natalie Farah described the deceased hero more. In this school he attended in 1999 - 2003 years. After 9th grade attained vocational education. "He studied well, and when the crucial moment - went to defend the homeland, to all our children quietly studied and happy life," -N. Farah said. Maksym Koval died June 19, 2014 in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in Slavic in the performance of military duty preservation of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Decree of the President of Ukraine on July 15, 2014 593 / 2014 Maxim Koval posthumously awarded the ordeMr. "For courage" of III degree. Department of Public Relations of the City Council