In the Ternopil region Buchach district in the authorities and the community coordinated reform issues

According to the schedule of public consultations on Territorial Communities Ternopil region Buchach June 19 in the area have been meeting with community representatives acting Head John Babiychuk tand managing the affairs of the executive committee of the Regional Council Igor Duleba. In consultation was attended by Chairman Vitaly Freyak district administration, district council chairman Oleg Mikhailov, head of the local councils, MPs, activists communities. According to the outlook formation of communities, meetings were held in two centers - in Buchach and celyschi Golden Stream. During the consultations the participants given clarification of basic principles of administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine. In particular, the manager of the executive committee of the Regional Council Igor Duleba said that only after wide consultation and debate reform of obtaining relevant protocolscommunities, regional council will decide on the final version of the division in the community. The attention was also one of the important criteria - it is a voluntary decision to unite the community. Acting Head John Babiychuk participants drew attention to the urgency of reform and positions of power inUkraine on the need for empowerment of local communities. In particular, the Head informed about the process of forming their draft perspective plan of territorial communities of the region, noting that the working group was guided in its activities forming method capable of communities approved by the Cabinet ZAR oftriv Ukraine from 04.08.2015 year 214. During the meeting the dialogue with community representatives, MPs, heads of local councils and residents. Participants wondered whether mechanical enlargement will lead communities to their territories without economic self-sufficiency of territories? One of the conditions of association is the quality and accessibility of public services,which can not be lower than before the merger. Does it bring the power of social and administrative services to the people in the village gave them or vice versa? Is calculated economic and moral damage, which the family suffers as a result of renewal of many vital documents? During the discussion identified a more detailed clarification basic claimryntsypiv administrative-territorial reform in local communities, councils and ultimately decide on proposals to draft long-term plan of territorial communities of the region and submit to the regional authorities. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration