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- so says Jaroslaw Kaszuba, and stresses that it is on the ground in base employment centers, there is direct contact with people and crystallized ways of solving problems. However, here and formed the image of the employment service, its necessity for society. During the workshopHead of the State Employment Service of Yaroslav Kaszuba asset managing regional and base employment centers Rivne, held on June 18, was clearly delineated topic qualitative update of public service employment, its modernization and responsible tasks. "It is important - stressed Jaroslaw Kaszuba - to the field knew that Icue would be a good leader was not at the highest level, but if the basic centers provide services poorly, it will break all the overall work and best endeavors employment service. Kyiv - is an ideological orientation, decision-making and direct contact with people - it is here in the region. " Jaroslaw Kaszuba said that the planned June 25 mizhnarodnoyi conference should give powerful impetus to the implementation of the new concept of employment service. The wide representation of labor organizations in many countries, a powerful exchange of experience and scale event designed to bring the work of the Employment Service of Ukraine at the European level. Embarked on modernization - and this must change radically andMidge employment services and bring its public necessity. Extremely important question - our new face maximum openness and closeness to the people. In particular, the need to fill the current content services information and counseling centers. They should be the focus of initiatives, projects and different themes which unites around thunderdski and voluntary organizations. Jaroslaw Kaszuba said that you need to be in close cooperation with employers and trade unions. In this context, he noted the employment service system collaboration Rivne. In particular, this active position on the issue of providing information on vacancies, including the demobilized, public works. EqEnsk employment service and contribute towards forecasting the labor market, as a participant of the project "Improvement of the training system to the needs of the economy Volyn Sub-region". Today already completed the survey of employers, which is carried out in base employment centers under the project to improve software Companyin qualified personnel. Research initiated by non-governmental organization "Volyn Resource Center" Custom Departments of Education and Science Rivne and Volyn regional state administrations in the EU program "Support to Regional Development Policy in Ukraine". By focusing on the importance of constructive engagement with employers,Jaroslaw Kaszuba said the signing of the agreement, which establishes a joint project of the creation of centers of qualification. This will allow a person who has some professional knowledge and skills obtain a certificate confirming that greatly increase its chances of employment. "The next year - elaborated Yaroslain Kaszuba - prepare licensing documents to prove professions cook, hazozvaryuvalnyka and guard. " Addressing the participants of the workshop, Jaroslaw Kaszuba outlined a number of challenges, particularly regarding the establishment of student labor groups. The Chairman emphasized the support services business initiative: "Ukraine will save the small and medium-sizedand business. Therefore, the employment service should be a structure that gives people the impetus to start their own business and supports them. Six months does a person need to ensure confidence, and employment centers should help her along the way. So we create consulting centers as centers of comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs. " Reported atRivne city employment center