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According to the appeal court reversed the decision Prosecutor's Office, which was determined arbitrarily recover from Rivne OSA 26.6 million UAH

agreeing with the arguments of the prosecution Rivne region set out in the appeal, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine 11.06.2015 quashed the decision of first instance and appellate courts, which was determined arbitrarilyo recover from the Department of Health? I Rivne Regional State Administration UAH 26.6 million to a private structure for supplied medical equipment. The case was sent for a new trial in the Commercial Court of Rivne region. Prosecutors proved that courts of first instance and appellate courts have adopted the relevant decision on the claim privatNoah structure in violation of several articles of the Budget, Tax and Civil Codes of Ukraine. Also provided was ignored concluded in 2012 parties to the agreement under which the management of health care? I Rivne Regional State Administration has undertaken to pay UAH 26.6 million for delivered medical linear accelerator only after the date appearancesof commitments? commitments - namely the date of receipt of the customer's bank account budget. In connection? Connection with the fact that so far the State Budget of Ukraine to repay this debt is not received, and given the urgency to prevent arbitrary collection of budget funds, prosecutors fundamentally defend the interests of communitiesYang and the state, using all the powers provided by law. Reference: Budget Code of Ukraine stipulates that any commitments and payments from the budget can be implemented only if the purpose of the budget. According to Art. 187 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, the date of tax liability in the case of postachannya goods or services paid from the budget is the date of transfer of funds to the bank account of the taxpayer or the date of receiving adequate compensation, including the reduction of debt of the taxpayer's obligations to the budget. Press service of the Rivne oblast prosecutor Tweet