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In the Rivne region "I'm in a hurry - take 100 hryvnia" (+ photos)

In exactly the driver "MAN" and to avoid administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules, decided to financially "settle" the matter on the spot. But now people continue to have communication with employees Rivne Gorotdel police.about 12 hours during the supervision of traffic safety at the intersection of Shukhevych, Cherniak traffic police stopped the car of "MAN" and whose driver violated traffic rules. At the wheel of the truck was 26-year-old Bereznovsky region. When drawing up the protocol on administrative violations perehr mapestya driver of the vehicle tried to give employees GAI monetary reward in the amount of UAH 100 to avoid administrative responsibility. - Guys, I'm really in a hurry. I do not want to wait until you're up protocol - said the driver "MAN" traffic police, trying to convey with a 100 hryvnia bill of INSpektoriv. Inspectors on the scene called investigative team Rivne Gorotdel police. The event included the Unified accounting statements and reports of a criminal offense and other events Rivne MB of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Rivne region. Currently, police are checking. It should be noted that since the beginning of the yearthis is a fact attempts recorded 22 cottages undue reward by traffic police to avoid administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules. It was reported the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region