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Luck: Day of the Medical Worker! On the eve of the professional holiday of

representatives of local authorities visited the medical facilities in Lutsk and welcomed teams from the Medical Worker Day. morning Mayor Mykola Romanyuk visited the municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital", which thanked staff from the community itself and for responsiveness fromgiven his case, the escaped life and health and awarded the diploma of the Mayor: Tatyana Tsyuryk, nurse urological department of municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital"; Inna ?imonovi?, doctor of ultrasound department introskopichnoyi and functional diagnostics municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical HospitalI ". Thanks Mayor Mykola Romanyuk presented: Alexander Hahalovskomu, surgeon of urgent surgery department of municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital"; Svetlana mercy, nurse sterilization municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital"; Galina Rozhanskiy, neurologist neurology department Comunalenoho institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital"; Anna Romaniuk, matron gynecological department of municipal institution "Lutsk Clinical Hospital." First Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev on occasion visited Lutsk center of primary health care. He congratulated medical workers on their professional holiday and aboveSee the diploma of the Mayor Helen Voloshin, the chief nurse municipal institution "Lutsk center of primary health care" Mary and gave thanks Bohorodetskiy, Head of department, general practitioner, family doctor Department "Ambulatory general practice - family medicine 2 Communal institutions "Lutskcenter and primary health care. " Deputy mayor, business manager of the executive committee Yuri Verbych congratulated the staff of Lutsk City Dental Polyclinic professional holiday. He thanked the employees of municipal institutions for the care and willingness to help. Wishing you good health, happiness, peace and goodness.Yuri Verbych presented diploma Mayor Nicholas Lukyanchuk, dentist, therapist therapeutic department 1 municipal health care institution "City Clinical dental clinic" and thanks to Vasily Pankivu, dentist-surgeon municipal health care institution "City Clinical stomatolotech clinic. " Head of Health Nicholas Yakymchuk welcomed groups of Lutsk clinical maternity hospital and military garrison Lutsk hospital. He wished good health to prtsivnykiv returned to turning them handsomely. This was reported in Lutsk city council