In Lutsk summer school "Erudite" opened 25 season

children in non-urban institution of rehabilitation and recreation "same age" celebration held summer school "Erudite". Now the rest camp 200 children, of whom - 18 Volnovakha the city of Donetsk region. They and their teachers are very satisfied with the stay in the camp and found new driziv. On the feast of school "Erudite "for children visiting Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romanyuk, Volnovakha Mayor Sergey Demchenko, representatives of charitable organizations," I - Volnovakha ", Novomoskovsk Dnipropetrovsk city council area and is also head of the Department of Education of the City Council Oleg Grebenyuk, school directors and parents of children rest. Nicholas Rumanyuk, addressing the audience, said he was glad to welcome the holy shnomu Volnovakha Mayor Sergei Demchenko and all guests. "I rejoice with you this sunny day. I saw that this week you have become friends. I am confident that prepared an interesting program. I am here for the first time and you always exciting performances. Along with the rest of youand are learning. During the summer school "Erudite" going kids who are proud of our city, they show good results in education, "- he stressed. Lutsk Mayor congratulated children with Volnovakha who rest in camp "same age". "Sure, during this time you find already familiar and friends. I sincerely wish you good pastime in the camp "- withhe returned to the children. Mykola Romaniuk also thanked everyone who organizes recreational activities and children in the camp. Addressed the audience and Volnovakha Mayor Sergey Demchenko, who emphasized that he was very pleased to be in the camp of "same age". According to him, the most valuable for us all - children. "And well that the children smile,they have fun, and it's a real celebration, "- he said. Sergey Demchenko expressed gratitude to Nicholas Romaniuk, all those who helped to children with Volnovakha can relax in Lutsk, be merry, cheerful. "These are people who are doing everything to children were happy. I am sure that in your camp stay particle Volnovakha heart of the city, and we will go to chaHeart particle in Lutsk, "- he added. Also Sergey Demchenko asked Mykola Romaniuk convey gratitude to him personally, Volnovaha City Council and head of the territorial community of the agricultural enterprise "Rat" Victor Shumsky, who provided financial support to stay in "peers" Volnovakha children. Finally he pobaUbrannogo us all peace, united country. Mykola Romanyuk promised necessarily convey greetings to Viktor Shumsky. He said that more such people who help children. For holiday guests have prepared children a bright and exciting concert. A separate room for children prepared and present of the city Volnovakha. At the end of the event all participants had the chyl Photos. This was reported in Lutsk city council