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Ukraine Championship ended on fire and applied sport among departments DSNS Ukraine

June 19 at the base of the sports complex rescue special unit of the Main Department of State Service of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region came many distinguished guests and fans lined up for Special Competitorsclosing th Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport among departments DSNS Ukraine. First, the chief secretary of the competition - Zinovy ??Karapinka solemnly announced the long-awaited sports results. So the first three days of fighting zahalnokomandnu won team with m. Kyiv, the second place team won the Kiev region, tretye – Volyn region, they also received cups, medals, diplomas from the hands of high-ranking guests. For the first time in the history of the championship athlete Lviv region Sergey Prysyazhenko won the gold win in three stages, namely, won the championship in two disciplines and Combined addition, the team from the capital n ’ Five years in the ChampionshipsUkraine received the first place, so that transitional cup will remain in the future rescuers m. Kyiv. Victory in lifting assault ladder into the window of the 4th floor of training tower got a team of Odessa region, second place went to the team from the city. Kyiv, third – Volyn region. Please note that the rulers of the second and third places Rozdilyla only a hundredth of a second. In the individual competition the first place won Sergey Prysyazhenko (Lviv region) with result 13,23 sec., Second – Basil Nechko (m. Kyiv) with a score of 13.44 sec .; third – Vadim Kreminna (Odessa region) 13.64 sec. According to the results of overcoming 100m strip with obstacles in fierce fighting championship won comAnda from Volyn region, second place went to athletes from m. Kyiv, « bronze » Rescuers have won the Kiev region. Thus, the results of Combined overcome 100m strip with obstacles and lifting assault ladder into the window of the fourth floor training tower topped the team with m. Kyiv, second place – Volyn and third place – Kiev region. In the individual competition to overcome the 100 meters hurdles champion strips of Ukraine was Sergei Prysyazhenko of Lviv region with a score of 15,84 sec., Silver in his older brother Andrew Prysyazhenka of m. Kyiv with a score of 16,18 sec., And will receive the bronze medal Dmitry Lyutenko with the result of 16.90 sec., which also represents the capital. AboutCombined results in sobysti: I place – Sergey Prysyazhenko (Lviv), second place – Andrew Prysyazhenko (m. Kyiv), III – Roman Thoruk (Lviv State University life safety). According to the results of the fire relay 4 × 100 meters prizes were distributed as follows: first place with a score of 56, 87 p. &Ndash; team with m. Kyiv; Second place with a score of 58.06 sec. &Ndash; Lviv region; Third place with a score of 58.13 sec. &Ndash; Odessa region. In the booming 3-knee sliding ladder into the window of the third floor of the tower academic team won with m. Kyiv, second – Kiev region, third – Mykolaiv region. In the combat deployment of motopompy team won first place from the Kiev region, second – m. Kyiv, third – Lviv Oblast. Honorary right to close the championship was officially granted the chief judge of the competition, Vice-President of the Federation of fire-applied sport Alexander Tarasov, who welcomed the participants on behalf of the race DSNS Nicholas Chechetkin Chairman thanked Mr.olovnomu management DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region for the excellent organization of the event, despite the fact that Ukraine is currently going through hard times. In addition, Alexander Kuzmich regretted that this year does not appear Championship teams from Donetsk, Lugansk regions, Crimea and in Sevastopol., And expressed hope that next year theytake part in the Championship. &Laquo; No winners – won friendship Ukraine won! I wish you to several months anthem sounded Ukraine at the World Championship in St. Petersburg, because we have an extremely strong team of Ukraine, which participants during these few days have shown very good results & raquo ;, - Alexander and continuedRace. Acting Chief of DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region DmytroBondar from the team of rescuers Khmelnytsky thanked the participants for their competition work and responsible attitude to preparation Championship and wished quality training, their own records, and teams of Ukraine – victory in the World Championship.Next Winners - representatives of teams from m. Kyiv – lowered the national flag of Ukraine and officially closed the Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region