Scientists have invented a device that helps switch channels by thought

British broadcasting company BBC conducted an experiment: the developers have invented a device that helps switch channels using brain activity. This is stated on the website of the World Service. Now the experiment involved ten volunteers who peremykayutb channels on TV using thought power that goes to a special screen device. And the appearance of the device and its function more like fiction movie than what is happening in real time. The device reads the electroencephalogram brain waves using special sensors located on the forehead and around the ears, and neReda her to a special application. Study participants were asked to select one of the n ’ mint most popular channels, using only brain waves. One participant said that control your TV using thought power longer than using the remote control. Another participant pointed out that the device requires Nyevnosti some special skills of concentration, because that lost a few seconds to select the appropriate window in the annex, says Media Sapiens. Told