Public consultation on amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On main principles (strategy) of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine till 2020"

In the winery held a two-day regional workshop on Environmental Policy Strategy update Ukraine and adapting environmental legislation to European Union law . West organizovanyy Miniekolohiyi Ukraine with the support of EU technical assistance "Additional support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine in the implementation of sector budget support." Participating in the discussion were experts of regional administrations, specialized agencies, academics and representatives of NGOs from Vinnitsa, Zhitomirtion, Poltava, Cherkasy, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. The main focus of the seminar was aimed to review amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On main principles (strategy) of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine till 2020" and discussion with seminar participants. The legal grounds and requirements to approximatingUkraine's legislation to EU law in the field of environmental protection by basic international legal norms bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and the EU and by national legislation of Ukraine. According to the Law of Ukraine "On main principles (strategy) of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine till 2020" realization of environmental policy conbe brought in effective functioning of legislation in this area, aimed at achieving national priorities. The main requirements of such legislation is its conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine, closer to relevant EU Directives, ensuring the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, to which Ukraine is a social pryynyatnisTh, realism, economic efficiency. Legislation should promote innovative environmental technologies and solution of environmental problems at the local level. After all, to create an effective FTA without aligning environmental standards, environmental standards and practices impossible. Directive sector 'Managementenvironment and integration of environmental policy into other sectoral policies "(so-called horizontal dyrektyvy0, including the Directive on the assessment of the environmental impact and the Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment permeate almost all industries. Compliance Sector" Waste Management "or" Air quality " ne needsowse business practices. Greeted the participants of the seminar, the director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Vladimir Krys'ko report on the development and efficiency of environmental policy in the Vinnytsia region introduced the head of permits and environmental programs of the Department Oksana Gorbatenko. DeauvilleDKA: Changes are focused on three sectors. The first - a horizontal directive, namely the system of environmental management, integrating environmental policy and other sectoral policies. Second - water quality and water management. Third - environment (Directive on the protection of wild birds, Directive on the conservation of natural habitatswild flora and fauna). Press Service of the Department of Ecology and natural resources This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration