At Vinnytsia lifeguards on the beaches teach people the rules of safe behavior on the water in

BC ’ communication with the hot weather, more people prefer to rest near water. But not all citizens observe the rules of safe behavior on the water during the holiday, which in turn is the main cause of accidents. According to the statisticsSince the beginning of the swimming season Vinnichchine water claimed the lives of 24 people. June 19 Vinnitsa rescuers together with representatives of the media had raid in Recreational vinnichan on the Southern Bug. During these events specialists demonstrated how to properly operate and react quickly to cases where the drowning man, and takozh carry out the necessary saving measures and provide first aid to the victim. Holidaymakers were shown the most effective and safe ways to transport the victim to shore and correct first aid technique of indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. Employees DSNS told about dangerKu lack of supervision of children who play near the water, as well as the ban swimming after drinking alcohol. All citizens were given city ’ of interest and instructions. Rescuers warned citizens to be extremely careful on the water. Worth city ’ favorites that basic conditions Security is the right choice of equipment and places for bathing; educationadults and children swimming, strict adherence to rules of conduct while swimming and riding the boats, as well as constant monitoring of children in the water from adults