In Lviv ongoing safety lessons for students: police remind kids how to behave on the road

in the Lviv region the State workers continue to teach students the rules of road safety. Guardians communicate primarily with students of junior classes, because kids this age often fall into the road in Maynsportni adventure. Inspectors tell kids how to behave in the street, teach properly operate in complex traffic situations. Yesterday, police visited two schools in Kamenka-Bug district and conducted safety lessons over two hundred children. Kids listened with interest guidelines law enforcement officers shared their experiences and fumkamy. Traffic police officers told schoolchild that usually annoying to get on the road, pedestrians kids, so you should always be careful and cautious in the street, to comply with safety regulations. Law enforcement officials also explained to the children why it is important that on the jacket or school bag be reflective elements. "These" fireflies "help to be seen on the road in the evening! "- stressed by traffic police. All schoolchild received from law enforcement helpful "cheat sheet" of the SDA that children immediately stuck in their diaries. On the safety of kids taken care partners share. They gave students Reflective stickers for school bags - bright "starspoints "and" Valentine ". Press Service Management SAI in Lviv region