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In Chernivtsi region "From the beginning, the number of fires in ecosystems has increased by 29% compared with the past", - Mykola Chechetkin

in the summer for DSNS Ukraine is a significant issue preventing and combating fires massive forests, peatlands and agricultural lands. Since 2015 the number of fires in natural ecosystems has increased by 29%, and the area claimroydena fire increased by 4 thousand. ha. Also significantly increased the number of fires in forests and on peat. The chairman of Ukraine Mykola DSNS Chechetkin during the meeting of the State commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. &Ldquo; The main reasons for thisthe second kind of fires are burning dry vegetation, violation of fire safety rules and failure to comply with fire safety measures during agricultural land and forest visits. Especially these shortcomings are not allowed in the exclusion zone, where the body responsible for preventing and fighting fires is organizing StateAgency for Management of Exclusion Zone. This created conditions for the fires that occurred in the exclusion zone on April 28 & rdquo ;, - the Chairman DSNS. Nicholas Chechetkin said that according to preliminary estimates for extinguishing a fire in the exclusion zone rescue was spent 2.1 million. UAH. &Ldquo; DSNS take all possible measures to preventin ecosystems. However, the situation may change dramatically just by increasing the responsibility of land owners and forest users for fire condition Territories & rdquo ;, - said Head of Service. He also noted that one of the effective measures for the prompt response to fire in ecosystems is attracting aviation at the beginning DSNSatkovyh stages of a fire. But now organize duty on aviation search, rescue and fire fighting in full is impossible because of the limited number of aviation fuel. On the appeal DSNS, Minister of Internal Affairs take measures to resolve problems with fuel for aircraft DSNS. As for the fire on tank farms BRSM, Chairmanand DSNS reported that the cost of fire suppression is about 50 million, including payments dead. In turn, Prem ’ Prime-Minister of Ukraine instructed Chairman DSNS Ukraine jointly with the Attorney General's Office, Ministry of Justice – prepare and file a civil claim for compensation for the total amount of damage causedState Ukraine in connection ’ communication with the owners of illegal activities BRSM, leading to fires and undermining the state in the amount determined on the basis of a forensic examination. Also prepare a plan for reducing the environmental effects of the fire. Press Service DSNS Ukraine