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Formssacral Venkov

Even in Tacoma sorrowful fact, How farewell, prysutstvuyut svoy rules kotore including, kasayutsya and forms, and ritual napolnenyya Venkov. Similarly, a PA As part yhrayut Floral Colour, form and compositions, the Vanco Production mourning overwhelming ego form kotoraja ymeet opredelenny symvolyzm. Typically, yspolzuetsya three major forms Venkov:

  • Kruhlaya . This form symvolyzyruet eternity and neprervnost Genesis, unity of life and death successive ee;
  • Ovalnaya,kaplevidnaja . Otchasty napomynayuschaya tears, dannaya form Vanco More Govorit second one at Bolshoi sorrow, sadness, kotoraja send the soul. This symbol of suffering and tears technical, kotore bly prolyt for the departed;
  • Heart . This symbol of love, symbol tech Bolshois feelings and relationships for umershemu Man, kotore ostanutsya forever in the hearts ego blyzkyh.

Materials for Production Venkov

Once Uh ochevydnm javljaetsja tot fact something Vanco form ymeet thy meaning, and it is obvious ego napolnenye also obladaet sense. Typically, for Production Venkov yspolzovalycamping materials and plants, kotore in human beings olytsetvoryalys s theme of life and death. Yes dovolno yspolzovalys well, yes and yspolzuyutsya laurel, ale, pine and prochye hvoyne, As a symbol of eternal life. These plants yspolzuyutsya forms for education, circuits or frame Vanco, but for the ego napolnenyya yspolzuyutsya zhyve Flowers, How Neko svyazuyuscheeBetween zhyvh Zveno peace and dead. Is believed, something Tsvetkov number dolzhna bt chetnm, but at znachytelnh Size Vanco This rule neskolko nyvelyruetsya. Today the same dovolno often for Production Venkov yspolzuyut Artificial synthetic materials.