In the Rivne region lifeguards teach citizens the rules of fire safety

rescuers June 17 the 16th state of the Fire and Rescue Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region together with employees Fedorovskoe village council district Goshcha visited homes of elderly people and large families and roses ’ yasnyly them fire regulationsNoah safety in the home. However, rescuers conducted briefings and discussions on topics fire on the need to be vigilant when using fire and gas equipment and appliances. The result of this work was the realization of working in more than 40 homes of lonely elderly citizens, large families, Unreliable individuals and people who are registered as social protection. The main purpose of fire prevention measures, improved fire protection housing and education of the population basic rules of fire safety in the home. During the raid citizens were handed leaflets, posters and the city ’ with the main points of interest rulesand fire safety. In addition, particular emphasis on fire safety in homes. PG DSNS in Rivne region