In Khmelnytsky June 17 - World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification

June 17 is celebrated internationally as World Day to combat desertification and drought. This year it was held under the slogan: "Free food does not happen! Invest in healthy soil! ". Desertification is the degradation of land, which is characterized by reductionpits vegetation, drying ground, reduced soil fertility caused by a human activity (anthropogenic causes) and natural factors and processes. Land degradation - the reduction or loss of biological and economic productivity of arable land or pastures due to land use. Characterized by drying the ground, witheringof vegetation, decrease soil cohesion, bringing it becomes possible to quickly wind erosion and the formation of dust storms. Desertification refers to the effects of climate change, it is difficult to offset, as the restoration of a conditional centimeter of fertile soil covering required an average of 70 to 150 years. Among the reasons opustelyution and land degradation is allocated: water shortage; prolonged drought; deforestation; solenakopychennya (increased level of salts in the soil); windy climate; low groundwater; Error in agriculture and others. Reported at