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Ternopil: "Cooperatives - one of the promising areas of rural development"

This was stressed during the holiday strawberries executive office manager of the Regional Council Igor Duleba, which occurred in the village Losyatin Kremenets district. "Losyatin shows an example throughout the region, both through the rural service cooperatives can create new jobsplaces to develop the village and attract foreign investment. With the support of "Danone, the USAID grant support AgroInvest Foundation" Heifer International "and ICF" Community Wellbeing "agricultural service cooperative" Losyatynske dairy source "has become a modern supplier of strawberries. Many thanks to investors - accentsGames in Duleba. - Yes, thank also the village community. After the foundation of success that coincided two things - the desire of investors and enormous hard work of farmers who also invest in common cause. Convey my sincere congratulations to the entire community and investors from the head of the regional council Vasiliy Homintsya, deputies. Losyatynska community shows Mr.ple effective collaboration in how you can own, voluntarily and with active village council to make successful village. " RSA chairman Stepan Barna and Igor Duleba diplomas awarded joint State Administration and Regional Council of the cooperative movement Losyatin investors. Guests of the festival had the opportunity to visit the strawberry field and view technology growing strawberries, strawberry farm and a family chamber for freezing berries. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional council