In Chernihiv region held a meeting with veterans of the rescue service

June 17 in Chernihiv in the hall of the State Fire and Rescue Detachment 1 personnel met with veterans services unit 101. Last rescuers told the younger generation about the heroic actions of firefighters and Ukraine, in particular, Chernihiv during likvidatsiyi consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Since opening speech Deputy Head of DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region Alexander foraging. He said: « In the aftermath of the Chernobyl involved 343 firemen Chernigov. Despite the fact that over 70% of them received a significant radiation dose and losing St.idomist directly in combat positions, but nobody gave up the tasks and not stepped back. They knew that going in and what risk, but understood and that this needs to be done to save mankind. Their actions were highly appreciated by the state, 42 employees were awarded & raquo ;. Then veterans Fire GuardingViktor us Dobrytsya and George Pryadko shared their memories of participating in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. In their stories they remembered all the chronology of courageous and selfless actions of firefighters arrival time to the accident first fire units on Proverbs ’ memory of Chernobyl and to the implementation of difficult and dangerous for theChernihiv tasks firefighters on causing special solution on damaged unit, pumping water from the damaged reactor, decontamination areas and equipment, conservation NPP radioactive extinguishing forest and so on. During the meeting the veterans remembered the many colleagues with whom side by side, they had to tame nuclear element and that Mr.royavyly true endurance, courage, professionalism and unfailing willpower. Unfortunately, because of the resulting large doses, prematurely died already 36 firefighters Chernihiv - liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. Among them, Anatoly Grigorenko. He led the group that first began Viko ­ a special task consisted destroyed 4threactor, pouring his latex solution. The group voluntarily entered Yuriy Bilyk, George Pryadko, Gennady Bibik, Vladimir Kubrak, Sergei Tyshyk Peter Sour. Anatoly died at the age of 36, left in the city ’ memory colleagues as sincere, friendly person, faithful to the oath officer and talented leader. He was never afraid in Mayudnoschiv, sparing its own forces and health ’ I was always where the wisdom and courage were key to safety. After his death in 1992 Grigorenko AI, 2nd independent state Fire m. Chernigiv, which had legal status, was given his name ’ i. However, BC ’ connection with conducting in 2012 organizational unitsatnyh change the unit eliminated and instead created the 2nd State Fire and Rescue unit which has had this status for part of the 1st State Fire and Rescue Detachment Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region. According to current legislation, this part was impossible to assign them ’ I individual.In connection ’ connection with this, the meeting participants supported the proposal Veterans produce and place on the facade of the 2nd State of the Fire and Rescue 1st DPRZ Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv oblast city ’ yatnu plaque Grigorenko AI Management DSNS in Chernihiv region