In Lutsk capitally repaired another

local area Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romanyuk examined local area outdoors Artseulov, 1, 3, 5, 7, where the recently completed overhaul. In working with pavement roadway and sidewalks of the city budget spent 1 871.279 thousand. UAH. Works performedLtd. "Lutsk RMMD." Made here and exterior lighting to the time of day in late Luciano was convenient and safe return home. And took care of the smallest residents of the aforementioned courts. It set baby equipment, including large sandbox with a table, chairs balancers, benches, swing double, gaming complex "Universal". A andreplacement of water, which was in poor condition. Arranged additional parking for vehicles of residents houses. Previously, they had no vehicles and their citizens to leave the green zone. Mykola Romanyuk with the inhabitants looked yard and listened to their problems and suggestions. He stressed that in all courts, which are now repairing inLutsk, conducted a comprehensive renovation, which includes, in addition to investing in new coating asfaltnogo proyizdzhiy part and sidewalks, and even recovery of external lighting, installation of gaming and sports grounds. According to him, well, that is a possibility in the city budget to allocate funds to repair the adjoining areas. "Last year we15 households have not done that planned. We have to do this year. In addition, for 2015 was planned overhaul repair 20 houses adjoining areas. That is, this year we want to restore a total of 35 yards. I hope that we do. Residents remains to protect what has been done, and not to destroy, "- he stressed. Also Mykola Romanyuk podyakuvAB business leaders "Lutsk RMMD" Kobaku John and his team for the good work. The residents thanked the mayor for the restored road and lighting, installation of playgrounds, but they have a number of issues and suggestions. In particular, they were asked to make walkways between buildings number 1, 3, 5 and 7 on the street Artseulov whichnow in citizens to go out Gulak-Artemovs'kyj. Asked in the Mayor and additionally illuminate walkways. One wishes that residents voiced was set artificial speed limiters, as quickly yard drive cars. The mayor promised that their request would be fulfilled. In addition, tenantsArtseulov in the street, 1, 3, 5, 7 and asked to arrange a playground for children. Mykola Romaniuk asked citizens to come together and decide where to install it and what they want to see it, and notify the Department of Housing. The mayor said when consensus is reached, playground erected a month or pivtora. This was reported in Lutsk city council