In Vinnitsa region revealed 643 illegal workers since the year

in order to increase revenues to local budgets in January - May 2015 in working groups and standing committees heard 31 fiscals entity had wage arrears and tax personal income. As a result, they put outwage arrears, and the budget received 160 thousand. UAH. PIT. At meetings of the working groups established during tax inspections, heard 52 entity-debtor, which extinguished debt, resulting budget received 29.6 thousand. UAH. income tax for individuals. During the meetings of joint committees with local vladi conducted dialogue with 175 legal and 134 individual businessmen, they all raised salaries to its employees. As for individual advocacy with leaders of this category of companies, during January - May conducted interviews with 263 heads of legal entities and 369 individuals, businesses, including tacosis raised 100% of salary. This local budgets in addition received over 291 thousand. UAH. income tax for individuals. In January - May 2015 conducted 47 inspections of compliance entities acting tax legislation during the payment of wages and other income, which resulted to the BudgetJet assessed 3087.9 thousand. UAH. income tax on individuals, including the budget received 245.7 thousand. UAH. By carrying out control and verification and organizational measures to identify employees whose work is used without documenting employment and proper taxation detected 643 individualsPersons who paid into the budget 391.4 thousand. UAH. tax. In addition, measures taken and found 752 were involved in tax citizen, who provided various services without paying taxes, so that the budget received 199.1 thousand. UAH. PG DFS in Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration