Vinnichchina time to complete the construction of fortifications in the Luhansk region (+ photos)

This belief was expressed by Deputy Head Vasyl brewers June 18 during a conference call on the Ukrainian construction engineering areas fortifications in the area of ??ATU. &Quot; According to the updated plan, VinnitsaCountry region builds in the Luhansk region 9 objects on the third line of defense - said Vasily Brovarnyk.- Today 6 bases built and transferred to the military, as evidenced by acts intermediate construction readiness. The rest of the objects being extra work. At all our sites visited by representatives of the General Staff, remarks there, andproblems arise, we resolve quickly in working order. " So according to the official, in the terms defined by the President, work on all the sites will be completed (to July 1, 2015 all areas are ready to be transferred strongholds in the area of ??anti-terrorist operations in the balance MoD). Reference: As the formaltion site of the President of Ukraine, supporting-point sentinel Armed Forces of Ukraine - a new type of tactical military fortification that allows you to simultaneously monitor a large area and provide safe and secure accommodation military. These items are placed on key strategic areas in the zone ATO. (Http:// / news / prezident-proinspektuvav-fortifikacijni-ukriplennya-v-rajoni-33836) This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration