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In the Rivne region DSNS workers rescued a young man who was on the boiler tubes

June 16 at 20:06 to Rescue a number of Rivne « 101 » acted messages in Rivne Street Gagarin on boiler stack is man. At the scene immediately left rescuers department headed by Mr.achalnykom regular changes of clearing PG DSNS Colonel Sergei civil protection Brix. Arriving at the address rescuers saw that the brick chimney boiler at a height of 20 meters, holding iron railings, is a man. Because of the fear the boy could not independently come down the pipe. Wasting noand time, employees of the State Service of National Assembly rose to the young man. Using rescue equipment, insurance gently lowered the boy to the ground. From experienced man suddenly lost consciousness. Applying resuscitation, rescuers brought the boy to himself, then handed the rescued doctors ambulance. PG DSNA in Rivne region