Fraudsters who introduced the tax, businessmen from Rivne counted 10 thousand

in one day two entrepreneurs Rivne gave their money attackers who introduced the heads of tax. To avoid inspections of business entities, both men by telephone fraudsters is like a certain amount of funds. To 66-year-old farmer from the Rivne region in the afternoon on June 16 called unknown, who introduced the chief tax. In order not checking financial and economic activity crook offered to compensate for the four thousand, which is necessary to transfer to a bank account. The man agreed to the proposal and resaid funds in the nearest branch of the bank. By a similar scheme in the day attacker deceived and 49-year-old entrepreneur Rivne. However last lost six thousand. A day earlier in exactly the unknown called the 71-year-old pensioner and introduced investigator. According to the release from liability of her son who lives abroadWoman donated 25 thousand UAH. In Sarny 85-year-old pensioner "saved" her son from the police five thousand. Generally only two days this week, police have registered in Rivne four facts telephone fraud, and from the beginning of the year - almost 100. For all the facts opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 Article190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud). A pre-trial investigation. Police once again underlines the citizens to be careful and check information about the location of their relatives not to trust strangers and telephone not solve any financial issues. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region