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In Ternopil several media spread false information online edition of

publications « 20 Minutes » 06.08.2015 Online Internet publication « 20 Minutes » was placed on the publication of the appearance of women in Ternopil, which contains, to say the false information ( In the said publication, reported in the form of post reader (unknown person), stated that members of the Ternopil City Council in closed session on June 6 adopted a resolution on the establishment of criteria (dress code) on summer clothes Ternopil. We understand the desire to have fun and amended the behaviorsettle their readers. However, this case would be limited scope even elementary common sense or tact? The current legislation of Ukraine stipulates that considered unreliable information that is untrue or presented false, that contains information about events and phenomena which do not exist or have existed, but informationthey are not true. In connection ’ this communication to announce that you yourself, no doubt, know well: Ternopil City Council on June 6th 2015. (And any other number) is not going in camera for taking said « resolution » or some similar solution « on summer clothes Ternopil & raquo ;. InformTION circulated online edition of « 20 Minutes » in a post on the appearance of women in Ternopil, is the usual fiction. We call on you in the future not to take false, provocative, manipulative publications. Be professional. Even if you were to cheer someone, keep in mind that some readers maynot see the joke and the real difference publication. At the end will ask a rhetorical question: Do you think it worth apologize to readers and the city council for this post? Catherine Kalush, head of BC ’ public relations and media Ternopil City Council This was reported in the Ternopil City radi