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In Ternopil prohibited from 1 July trade on the street. Sheptitskiy

At the next meeting of the Executive Committee, it was decided to terminate all decisions of the executive committee, which was granted permission to trade on the street. Sheptyts'kyi and fundraising of these entrepreneurs. Mayor of Ternopol Sergey Nadal explains that from July 1,entrepreneurs who trade carried out there by this time, have offered to move them trade places. After that date there will be a trade area is prohibited and is intended solely for traffic. &Laquo; with entrepreneurs agreement already reached, - says Sergey future. - We have specifically given period of two weeks, they were able to gather St.Second thing and settle in a new place. And from July 1 st in the territory. Sheptitskiy work utilities that hold about dismantling ’ objects that remain. The order will provide police & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council