Chernihiv region in the last 3 days rescuers eliminated 21 fire that occurred as a result of careless handling of fire

the last 3 days in Chernihiv rescuers eliminated 21 fires, including one in the forest and peat bog 1 which occurred due to careless handling of citizens fire. As a result of fires destroyed or damaged two houses, 4Household buildings, 1 hectare of forest burned flooring and nearly 5 hectares of fields and in towns. In connection ’ connection with this, the rescuers are calling people to exercise caution in dealing with fire. Memory ’ Note that in BC ’ communication with high-class fire danger, forbidden to plant fire and smoke in the forest parkareas, fields and peat bogs. Violation of these requirements involves administrative responsibility, and even worse can lead to fire with unpredictable consequences. If you decide to dissolve a fire at their summer or plot, it can be done only in calm weather no closer than 15 m from buildings. It fireplace necessitiesobkopaty at around constantly monitor the combustion process and have a supply of water nearby to extinguish. This will prevent flame ’ S on dry vegetation instantly acquire large and a threat to people or residential outbuildings. The remains of the fire is not sure to thoroughly extinguish with sand or water. UDSNS in Chernihiv region