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Dedicated to young people in Chernihiv try to set a world record

Demonstration Strongmen and attempt a world record, multyfestyval Cher Ven, youth festival "Studrespublika" Youth Festival "on all cylinders" international youth festival of humor "Khrushch-live- 2015 "- about these and other festive events was discussed at meetingsnor Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of events dedicated to the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine and the Day of Youth. Deputy mayor - manager of the executive committee Stanislav Vikhrov urged members of the organizing committee carefully prepare and conduct a high-level all upcoming events, and because their participants, and the target audience is youth. Poperedniy action plan presented Head of Culture of the City Council Yuri Tkach. According to him, on Saturday June 27 at the Alley of Heroes Federation Ukraine will strongman competitions heroes, spectacular performances weights. Husky will try to set a world record in Chernigov. Separately on measures involving the chief asset of youthDepartment of Family and Youth of the City Council Valery Semenets. He noted that this year's festival raisin "on all cylinders", to be held June 28 in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, will be active participation of local youth organizations. Each of them will present your profile and your work, so everyone who still leftbe clear social activities, is to visit the festival and define its interests to find like-minded business and the soul. New format became traditional festival of youth humor. Thus, "Khrushch-live-2015" June 28 in the city Palace of Culture will gather interesting team of Belarusian Gomel, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, and otherss Ukrainian cities. The final version of celebratory events will be published on the official web portal of the City Council under the heading "Announcement". Department of Public Relations of the City Council