Transcarpathia: Irshavschyni to discuss decentralization

Wednesday, June 17, in Irshava based on RSA continues expanded meeting on the status of implementation in the Law of Ukraine "On voluntary association of communities." Take part in the meeting chairman of RSA, the heads of regional departments, representatives of local government- Deputies of different levels, urban and village heads, their deputies and the public. According to "Carpathian objective" press office Transcarpathian Regional Administration, Vasyl first Hubal informed - in Kiev last week participated in a meeting of the Regional Development Council chaired by the President, with the participation of regional representatives and senior managementState's various branches. See also: Irshavschyna preparing for the annual festival "Hamor-2015" Although generally talking about the situation in the region, it is clear that the focus at the meeting paid a voluntary association of communities. Inviting the audience to debate, head of the region said: "I am sure that all of Transcarpathia can unite, incounsel and dare to consolidated solution - for communities of our region. Note: long-term plans that are filed districts - is not a dogma, but only direction. I would like that we took the language of reality. And first of all you feel ready - the people on the ground. And local authorities call quality and work actively information - people should locatyou, what's going on in the reform, to know the prospects of merger and methodology benefits the community will receive. " After the speeches of representatives of the Office of reforms in the Transcarpathian region (incidentally, this structure is ready to give representatives of each community detailed explanation) communication continues in the form of speeches, questions and answers, dialogues and discussionsI detail - from administrative and financial aspects of the topic. As head of the region, such large-scale discussions will take place in other areas. News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" Told