m. Uzhgorod: one fire damaged three cars

the night of June 16 in Uzhgorod on the street. Mozhaiskogo fire Car « Mazda 3 » 2008 release, which was parked near a multi-storey residential building. The fire was noticed by local residents because the high temperature in the car alarms workedtion. At 4:04 of the event was reported to the rescue « 101 & raquo ;. To eliminate fire in the car on the street. Mozhaiskogo sent two branches firefighters 14th state of the Fire and Rescue. However on arrival of fire units fire had spread to machines that stood on either side of the burning car. At 4:15 fightersDSNS localized fire and at 04:26 – it is completely eliminated. What led to the ignition of the car – from ’ yasovuyut authorities. Caused losses are also elements set because a fire destroyed the engine compartment, two front wheels, windshield mirror, hood cars and damaged the front panel and the inner lining of the vehiclein. In addition, the BMW 735 cars were damaged side mirror and side headlamp, and the car « Mazda CX-7 » &Ndash; side mirror, right side of the body, side headlight and bumper.