In the Volyn region traffic police detained a drunken motorcyclist without documents

June 13 this year, traffic police in the village Kopachivka detained a drunk driver instruction. Male, born in 1974, resident of the village. Rozhysche was driving a moped brand "Zonder". Documents to specified vehicle the offender was, moreover scooter wasunregistered. Driver brought to administrative liability for centuries. 130 (drive vehicles drivers who are intoxicated), p. 126 p. 3 (Management vehicle person deprived of the right to drive vehicles means), ch. 2 and 6. 121 (Violation of rules of using driver motoshocrowbars). State car once again reminds region drivers of two-wheeled transport is not to drive drunk as this is the first reason for committing road accidents. STI of MIA of Ukraine in the Volyn area