Ukrainian engineer joined the hundreds of applicants who can be the first to settle in the Mars

hundred applicants who can first fly to Mars, entered and Ukrainian engineer Sergei Yakimova. The guy 26 years old and he dreams of conquering the Red Planet, albeit aware if all fails, it will be a one way ticket, reports TSN. Potential Marsanyn and resident until Zhytomyr Sergei Yakimov, after 10 years can be a resident of the Red Planet. Organizers flight to Mars Dutch company Ukrainian engineer selected from among 200 thousand applicants from around the world. Today, one hundred volunteers, but will fly to Mars only 24 people. Until then sent to the planet residential units, greenhousesS for growing vegetables, special equipment to produce water and air. To life on an alien planet team prepare for 8 years, and the flight to Mars will take 7-8 months. After arrival – long and adaptation works for life. Sergei, an engineer by profession, worked until recently in the capital's Institute for Space Studies, but he leftESCO because of the low wages and decided to devote himself to dream and reach another planet. He knows that the return to Earth immigrants most likely will not. Sergey's mother from such a perspective is not thrilled, but the dream son supports. The flight is scheduled for 2025, and lives on Mars organizers want to turn into reality shoh. Earlier it was reported that the future is going to get pregnant marsianka in space and die on the Red Planet. Told