In Chernivtsi region on the occasion of the Day of workers of the media were able to feel

rescuers in today's conditions is very important role played by the work of the media. It depends on how journalists will be informed society, how people are aware of the situation in the country and inworldwide. That is why the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast importance given to cooperation with representatives of the honorable profession. No education, no educational activities, conducting rescue workers, can not do without media workers. It is through their work Bukovina will learn about everyday routine combat fighterss fire and rescue units. So, June 9, on the occasion of the Day of employees of the DSNS practical demonstration organized an event for journalists, in which they can try yourself in the role of rescuer. The event itself was held in a sports complex Office, located on the territory of the Statezhezhno rescue of number 3 of Chernivtsi that street .. Khotyn regional center. For journalists were trained passing lanes psychological preparation, which caused them both a delight and a certain excitement, as in everyday life with the journalists do not occur. The second stage of the event was unsuitable working Actionth breathing environment through strong smoke, which was conducted teplodymokameri. Media workers wore respiratory protection devices and searched the smoky room Conditional victim. During the last stage of the event, journalists tried to reach the fourth floor of training tower using fire ladders. &Laquo; we neverand did not understand the difficulties faced by rescuers during the liquidation of fires or other emergencies. Now we understand that in order to be firefighters must have good physical training and constantly improved » &Ndash; said journalist TRK « Chernovtsy » Peter Haydaschuk. After the event, deputy districtachalnyka Management DSNS Lieutenant Colonel Sergei civil protection Shmyhol presented to journalists literacy and city ’ yatni souvenirs. &Laquo; Cooperation with media professionals is one of the priorities of our Office. We hope that all the extraordinary events in the life of both journalists and other citizens will Doleast conventional » &Ndash; said Sergey Shmyhol. Press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region