In Chernivtsi region in the fire rescuers evacuated 3

man June 10 in the village. Putila Street. Ukrainian apartment on the ground floor of a residential house fire. Fire occurred in one of the rooms of the apartment. At the time of a fire in the apartment was empty, so the neighbors noticed the fire, and who to call ontional rescue 101. For 5 minutes after the call came on the scene, another guard of the State Fire and Rescue unit number 6 village. Putila. A strong smoke that arose in the fire, there was the threat of health ’ S inhabitants of the apartment on the second floor. So rescuers who worked in the apparatus of respiratory protection, evacuatedpeople to safety. Total evacuated 3 people. At the same time firefighters spent working to eliminate fire. Within minutes the fire was extinguished. The fire destroyed appliances, furniture. Operational actions firefighters prevented the spread of fire in the apartment. The dead and injured there. Press Service of Ukraine UDSNS Czernyvetskiy area