Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated 8

fires the last 4 days of fire-rescue units Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region eliminated eight fires. So, June 12 in the village Lukavtsi Vyzhnytsya area was a fire in the outbuildings. The complexity of the fire was that the building was completely trees ’ Jana, making thon quickly spread to the construction of buildings. In addition, there was a likelihood of the spread of fire in a house located near and a summer kitchen. Rescuers Vyzhnytsia town and village local fire department fire Lukavtsi promptly eliminated, allowing to save from destruction house and summer kitchen. The fire destroyed the way Home Theatreuse it damaged ceiling building appliances. June 15 in the village Ropcha Storozhynetsky district in a residential building local resident fire. Message to the People of the fire rescue 101 received at 00:44 on the homeowner who has noticed the danger when the flame ’ I seized a large area. Tenants WAalosya own exit to safety. In place of the call were sent to fire and rescue units city Storozhynets and local firefighting team Chudey villages, Upper and Lower Petrovka Petrovka. On arrival firefighters fire area was 150 square meters. m .. Because next to the apartment building was outbuildings, there was a threatoverturning her fire. Rescuers prevent the spread of fire, lokalizuvavshy it to the extent in which they found on arrival. Later the fire was extinguished. The fire destroyed the roof of the building, damaged flooring, household items and property. Operational steps fighters DSNS allowed to save from destruction 2 buildings. The preliminary causefire is short circuit. Total during fire suppression fire-rescue units Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region 8 rescued from destruction of buildings and 1 vehicle. The dead and injured because of fires there. Press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region