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In Chernivtsi region due to snake bite people injured 2

June 15 in the surgical department Putyla Central Hospital two women hospitalized due to snake bite. In the first case, 39-year-old resident of the village Seliatyn Putyla district collecting berries in the forest. The woman did not see the snake, which was under a bush and snake bitten in her hand.Otherwise snake bitten 23-year resident of the village of Flat Putyla area. By processing their infield victim did not notice the grass reptile stepped on him and bitten by a snake woman in the leg. Currently both the victims are in hospital, their condition is moderate. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi regiongad citizens that in case of snake bite should know how to act. If bitten a snake, we must first determine toxic or not. At the site of the bite marks of the teeth are snakes in two sickle bands forming napivoval of small dots. Non-poisonous snake, but this leaves marks on the skin. If bitten poisonous snake, the front partyni napivovala between sickle bars have two mornings (traces of her two poisonous teeth), of which mostly flows blood. It should also know the symptoms of a snake bite. Visually should be observed one or two mornings point. Typically, 10-15 minutes on the site of the bite there is swelling that spreads to the entire limb or part of the body. The pain from the bite uyutnenky very, veis strong and durable. Weakened eyesight, breathing complicated. Increased temperature of ’ fever is the city ’ muscle weakness, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. The first thing to do in case of snake bite, it's calm down. Excitement stimulates acceleration of heart rate, which leads to faster penetration of poison in the blood. Preferably sprobuvAta remove most poison from the wound, in exceptional cases, if the mouth is not open morning mouth can suck the poison from the wound, it constantly spit. This procedure allows to extract up to 50% of snake venom. Then the bite necessary to process antiseptic, skin around the wound process Zelenka or alcohol, cologne. Vidsmoktavshy poison, it is necessary to limit the mobility of the victim. If the snake bitten in the leg, prybyntuvaty it to the second leg and, placing something under his feet, slightly raise them. If you bite the hand must lock it in a bent position. With strong pain can take 1-2 tablets analhinu or baralgin. To accelerate the elimination of the poison, give the victimdrink more tea and alkaline mineral water. To get to the nearest point of care should only accompanied, not by moving most. It is strictly forbidden to apply a tourniquet to the limb above the bite. This does not preclude the absorption and distribution of poisons in the body, but in the end gives blood supply and promotesin necrosis (death) tissue accumulation of decay products in the end and a sharp deterioration of the patient after removing a tourniquet. You can not burn the bite fire, chemicals or cut wound at the site of the bite. All these manipulations not only useful but also harmful. They lead to the development of infected wounds that long to heal, AByyayut metabolism in the damaged tissues. Press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region