Chernivtsi recommended to use only boiled water use of

high-quality water for drinking is one of the most important keys to preserving human health and its longevity. However, remember that water can be a factor of dangerous infectious diseases, primarily intestinal and diseases common to humans and animals thattransferred murine rodents - tularemia, leptospirosis and others. Due to worsening weather conditions - namely heavy rains that have contributed to the deterioration of water quality krynychnoyi and to prevent disease population in the regional center of Chernivtsi City Department of Main Department Gossanepidsluzhby in Chernivtsi region encourages the useaside solely only boiled water. The most common source of drinking water is groundwater groundwater, which often reach the public through the well shaft. Infection ground water can occur as the flow of soil, and in the pits at the mine gets them to discharge patients and bacteria in different ways, namely in the Aveosochuvanni in soil water household and faecal waste water, domestic water wells with corpses gets in rodents. Well water used for drinking purposes should be epidemically safe (free of bacterial contamination) are not harmful chemical composition and pleasant organoleptic (taste) inherentostyamy. Disinfection measures should be carried out with epidemic indications: When bacterial contamination of water in emergency situations (floods, flooding areas), as well as a prophylactic measure. Disinfection of water in wells is necessary to conduct provided for this purpose disinfectants approved for byapplication of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, namely Akvatabs, Javel-kleyd, Sanidez and others. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council