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Doctor of Maidan year later: We were given the challenges that we will not be able to withstand

We were given tests that we can not sustain, wrote Kyiv doctor Elena Finberg, remembering this day last year on Independence when there have been bloody clashes. Her memories of that day on his Facebook page put Vice Rector Ukrainian catOlitskaya University Miroslav Marynovych. takes the text in the original language: &Laquo; Year back to this day I first time been ponyala, something of fear Can not be. Generally. When there is something Gorazd More vazhnoe, than thy-fear neumenye, nedomohanye, fatigue. When you ystekayut number c krovju Boy, starshye bit, than your granddaughter. When ??? umyrayut in fton hand, and not even voesh ft from bessylyya and delaesh then something need it, Avto not died follows. When a deeply podsoznanye uhodyt Thought: « I surgeon, I do not umeyu & raquo ;, and hands vspomynayut then something umely delat bolshe trydtsaty years ago. I thought, This is Everybody pryhodytsya? Lord, I am not zapomnyla us one person. Zapomnyla wounds and Faces not. Zapomnyland the one with rassechennoy holovoy, pour krovju, kotory shouted into the phone: « Mom, I unyversytete. In laboratornaya me. Mom, I classes without mohu says NOW » ... And that s hands and obozhzhennmy Face, kotory cried: « Grandma, help » ... And in order to kotorogo IZ kazhdoy wound on razvorochennom hranatoy loins torchaly same melkyelezky ... And that kotory vvozyl ranenh IZ trade unions Houses Shortly before burning. We proehaly skvoz tytushek column for Large Zhytomyrskoy. Ydyotskaya Literary Thought IZ life: « We are not touched, I – doctor, with us ranene & raquo ;. Good, something in nasheho vodytelya brains srabotaly otherwise. Ranenh was taken in podpolny hospytal at the hem. Zhyv lThese and Boy? Do not remember entities do not know names. Today need it vseh pray for someone bl with us togda. Thank's, zhyvh and dead. Recall, something we do not dayutsya ysptanyya, kotore We do not smozhem vderzhat. What chelovecheskaya life – Very hrupkaya. And uspet Help, subjects who Need a More Total assistance ... » Told