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In the Carpathian region held regional competition of young traffic inspectors

Thursday, June 11, 2015, 10:35 | Traditionally in Ivano-Frankivsk, at the regional boarding school for gifted children from rural areas, there was a regional competition YuIRivtsiv. The annual competition, conducted by the Inspectorate area, together with the Department ofand the worlds of science, aimed at promoting pupils traffic rules and draw public attention to the problems of accidents involving children on the roads. In the final game of the regional members participated 6 teams. Children competed in the contest on the knowledge of traffic rules, the ability to provide first aid to sufferedlifes in road accidents, demonstrated knowledge of hand gestures Traffic in the competition "Young controller", showed the ability to control the bike overcoming obstacles in the road. It is important that students showed not only good preparation, knowledge and skills, but the desire and creative approach to the topic of securitymovement. They praised and noted the importance of the State Employees profession for himself gained new knowledge gained better skills. Undoubtedly, for children it is not only fundamental knowledge of the rules, and most importantly - the belief in their subject always and forever. This is a significant experience, which acquired the personal contribution of every childan important and always current topic such accidents on the roads involving their peers. Young people are well realized and learned that they - cyclists and pedestrians, and tomorrow - the drivers of motor vehicles and of their professional level driving directly depend as their safety, so near and surrounding road users. Onbest team result in some contests awarded winners and awarded diplomas. Nayvpravnishymy competition "Young adjuster" were disciples of Bogorodchany district, in the contest "Medical" answered flawlessly and showed the students practical skills HR 6 Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk school 2 - the best in the competition of knowledge of the rules of roadOn motion by "Veloestafetu" clearly got a team of m.Tlumach. As a result - 1 place won Greenways 2 Ivano-Frankivsk, 2nd - the team of Horodenkivshchina and third place team won the Greenways with m.Tlumach. By training teams of participants received diplomas and head-teachers. Rise young officers ended the wishes of the participants of the eventhappy and safe roads! Service of STI prevention MIA Ivano-Frankivsk region