In order for the session Ternopil

16.06.2015r. 198 On the sixtieth session of the convocation City Council Following the Article 42, 46 of the Ukraine « About local government in Ukraine » Regulation and Ternopil City Council: 1.Sklykaty sixtieth session of the City Council June 25, 2015 at 09:00 in the meeting room of the City Council. 2.Zaproponuvatand glad to consider in plenary meetings the question: 2.1.Pro of Ternopil budget execution for the first quarter 2015. 2.2.Pro amendments and additions to the decision of the City Council from 27.01.2015r. 6 / 55/14 „ On the release in 2015 of enterprises from land tax & rdquo ;. 2.3.Pro amendments to the decision of the City Council from 27.01.2015r. Number6/55/17 „ On budget m. Ternopil on 2015rik & rdquo ;. 2.4.Pro consent for voluntary about ’ unification of communities in Ternopil local community. 2.5.Pro installation factor. 2.6.Pro consent to the adoption of the ownership of the territorial community of Ternopol building educational building 8 Ternopil NAlnoho Economic University. 2.7.Pro Amendments to plan the preparation of draft regulations for 2015. 2.8.Pro amendments to the Charter utility company « Ob ’ union recreation park m. Ternopil & raquo ;. 2.9.Pro providing free use of communal property. 2.10.Pron amendments to the tender commission on lease of communal property. 2.11.Pro about privatization ’ objects of communal property. 2.12.Pro appeal for regulation of raising tariffs for gas and electricity. 2.13.Pro approval regulations. 2.14.Pro permission to write off assets. 2.15.Pro provisionpermit utilities « Ternopilvodokanal » for a blank overdraft. 2.16.Pro adoption sewer collector at ul. S.Budnoho to communal property of the city. 2.17.Pro approval decisions City Council Executive Committee. 2.18.Pro amendments and additions to the decision of the City Council. 2.19.Pro exemptionsand granting of land plots. 2.20.Pro permits drafting of land allocation. 2.21.Pro approval of land allocation. 2.22.Pro permission to manufacture technical documentation on land management on drafting documents certifying ownership of land in the city. Ternopil.2.23.Pro approval of technical documentation on land management on preparation of documents identifying the right to land. 2.24.Pro renovation of leases of land. 2.25.Pro permits contracting servitude. 2.26.Pro approval of the transfer of land in the sublease. 2.27.Pro sale of lease rightsthe auction non-agricultural land. 2.28.Rizne. Mayor S.V.Nadal This was reported in the Ternopil City Council