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In Khmelnytsky passenger car collided with a passenger bus, one person was killed and two more in hospital

accident occurred about 11 pm at the intersection Kamenetskoy and Tolstoy. As spokesman UGAI in the Khmelnitsky region Andrey Luzhnyak, the car "VAZ 2108" is running a 26-year resident of the city. Khmelnitsky Street moved Kam'yaneckoyand towards the clothing market. The driver of a passenger car did not choose safe speed, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a bus "PAZ", which was traveling on the route "Khmelnitsky - Hruzevytsya." As a result of the collision a passenger "VAZ", 26-year-old city. Khmelnitsky, died at the scene. The driver and another passenger car his passenger, 22-year-old placeIsland resident, were injured and taken to hospital. The driver and passengers of the bus were not injured.