In the Transcarpathian region Khust soon to conduct extremely complex operations on the eyes

recently completed negotiations with the Odessa Institute of Ophthalmology for the implementation of surgery to replace the lens. So June 28 Khust district hospital is preparing to sign an agreement with partners who have extensive years of experience likuvannya eyes. -The Unfortunately, there is no guarantee the health of anybody from illness can not protect yourself, you can not escape, but we can to detect and cure. So, to help overcome the disease Krayany view, we are preparing for signing documents with the Odessa Aesculapius, who have very good developments in the field of ophthalmology. In particular, it OdesIchi is sponsored sensational invention in the fight against life-threatening tumor of the eye - Ratinov-blastoma - said the newsroom for "Carpathian lens" the chief doctor of the district hospital Khust Vladimir Roman. - Also soon launch a new branch hemodialysis, which kvartyruvatyme in one of the buildings HustLyceum of services on Pushkin Street. It should be noted that during the year through Hust District Hospital "is" about 19 thousand patients, doctors spend up to 2 thousand births and 3.5 thousand. Surgery. It is likely that after the agreement with the Odessa Institute of Ophthalmology in the number of transactions over the Tisza increase significantly. Marina Aldona News Fromakarpattya - "Carpathian lens" Told