Hungarian State Folk Ensemble tour continues Transcarpathia

June 21 at 22.00 (per room. H.) Updated on the stage of the amphitheater Coast tour will continue Transcarpathian Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Zest of his speech will be that dances before the opening act of collective public work known in the group Kokas Banda.Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will present folk dances Hungarian, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Hutsul, Romanian, Gypsy and Jewish population of the Carpathian Basin. The program team there is a link between all these cultures, as well as the specifics of each particular nationality. To clear the audience is close intertwining rollertur, which emerged here as a result of centuries of coexistence. All charity concerts the ensemble viewers donated significant sums of money that were aimed, among other things, treatment and social support to children and to treat soldiers wounded during the fighting in the area ATO. News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" Told