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Transcarpathia: DFI employees' zavolokityly "drawing up protocols for two months - the prosecutor's office launched criminal proceedings Khustsky

interdistrict prosecutor submitted information to the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations and criminal proceedings initiated on the basis of a criminal offense under the Criminal Code Part 1 st.367 Ukraine - chargesDFI official negligence workers in the Transcarpathian region, which caused substantial damage to the interests of the state. As Hust inter-district prosecutor Sergei Zovdun, found that workers sector monitoring of risk transactions and public procurement DFI in the Transcarpathian region, finding violations during the audit of financial and economic activityARRANGEMENTS Department of Education, Youth and Sports Khust RGA legislation in the procurement of goods for state funds for the period 2012-2014 years, were seven adminprotokol head, deputy chairman, secretary and members of the Tender Committee. According to the law for these offenses stipulated fine of 11 900 USD. 0 to 1700 UAH. However, DFI officials made these protocols only a month after the actual detection of offenses and a month later sent them to the court. The Court concluded that the presence of the offenders actions of an administrative offense, but terminated the proceedings in all cases in BC ’ communication from the expiry of limitation periods for bringing adminotvetstvennosti. Therefore, officials DFI in the Transcarpathian region, called ’ connection with the improper execution of their duties Duty ’ bonds through red tape with foldable adminprotokol and delayed sending materials cases of administrative violations in court, the interests of the state suffered significant damage, in terms of shortfall whereState Budget of cash totaling more than 80 thousand. UAH. Sanction part 1 of article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - punishable by a fine of 250 to 500 tax-free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 3 years, with disqualification to hold certain positions or engage SEWtion activities for up to 3 years. Press service of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region