At Vinnytsia June 17 - World Day to Combat Desertification

June 17 the international community marks World Day to combat desertification and drought. On this day in 1994 adopted the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, which is one of the largest international environmental agreements direction. Today her Storawe have 193 countries. However, land degradation and desertification caused by an exhausting exploitation of soils and irrational deforestation, remains one of the biggest problems in the world. In Ukraine, widespread land degradation processes throughout. The most ambitious is the erosion and pollution. In Vinnitsa region due to erosionFirstly, the high placement of its territory above sea level, and secondly, that of the runtoutvoryuyuchyh rocks are mainly loess and loam Lesia that are easily washed away with water. Although the area unproductive and degraded lands subject to conservation, is only 2.9% of the total area, protection and restoration of fertility esoils of the region remains important direction of environmental activities. Practical measures provided zemleohoronni number of regional programs: Regional program of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources in the years 2013-2018; Regional Environmental Network program Vinnitsa region 2004-2015 years and regional programs on the use of land development for agricultural and forestry needs, improving relevant land and land protection, regulatory monetary value of land, demarcation of state and municipal property, land inventory, land development schemes and techno-economiction justification for the use and protection of land in the Vinnitsa region for 2012-2015. The program provides an increase in forest area; backup and protection of land with areas of natural steppe vegetation; rehabilitation leakage rivers; setting limits on coastal areas protection strips; preservation of wetlands and more. Important areamkom land protection is the introduction of ecological and economic rotation. After all, they allow you to maintain optimal humus and physico-chemical state of soil, maintain the balance of nutrients and moisture. According to Article 22 of the Land Code of Ukraine agricultural land for commercial agriEconomic production used in accordance with developed and approved land management projects that provide ecological and economic assessment of crop rotation and streamline land. Since 2015 these requirements apply to all land users engaged in agricultural production. According to the main department Derzhzemahenstva in the Vinnytsia region have developed 119 land management projects on ecological and economic assessment of crop rotation. That is, 119 farmers working on the land in compliance with the rotation. The development of such projects signed 359 agreements with developers. In this connection it is necessary to also mention the need to regulate the cropsof canola, sunflower, soybean and corn. Conservation lands contributes to setting limits on the ground water protection zones and coastal strips. Compliance with the rules of management in water protection zones and coastal strips - areas of severe restrictions of economic activity - to save water bodies in their natural state, which in ECSyu, turn, maintains water balance of soils. The program provides funds for such work, but today they are not funded by the state and local budgets. This situation contributes plowing coastal areas and, as a consequence, siltation of water bodies. The Law of Ukraine "On basic principles (strategy) is publickolohichnoyi Policy of Ukraine "envisages reduction of arable land by 5-10 percent due to the withdrawal of their slopes more than 3 degrees and land protection zones; degraded and unproductive agricultural land and their subsequent afforestation in forest and steppe zones of meadow and steppe zone. That Ctratehiya clearly determined that afforestation and meadow, which aims to improve soil should be at the expense of arable land, but not at the expense of pastures and hayfields. For in our area that belongs to the forest, it is necessary as afforestation and meadow. However, the current legislation direct prohibition to plow slopesid 3 to 7 degrees, but there is only restrict their plowing (article 47 of the Law of Ukraine "On Land Protection"). Therefore necessary to provide for restriction of the use of the slopes, as well as compensation for losses incurred by the owners of these lands. Considerable part in the protection of conservation land occupied territories. During 2011-2014 years, the area of ??natural-bingetive fund in Vinnytsia region has almost doubled. it is more than 60 thousand hectares or 2.24% of the region. Restoration, preservation and improvement of soil productivity is impossible without sectoral cooperation. Economic incentives for landowners to sustainable land use; Responsibility for reducing qualthose soils; introduction and spread of organic farming and certification of products that are environmentally-friendly; prohibition of deep plowing soil - tasks that are common to central and local executive authorities, local governments, academic institutions, NGOs, landowners and land users. Onlysolving them together, we can achieve to land and agrarian landscapes of our region highly environmentally sustainable, steady state. This year, the slogan of World Day to Combat Desertification is "free food is not. Invest in soil fertility! " Press Service of the Department of Ecology and natural resources Reported in the Vinnitsakiy RSA