In Vinnitsa region signed a memorandum on the project "Enhancing the impact of business associations on the formation of the resource base of the business environment in the Vinnitsa region" (+ photos)

representatives make life easier for small and medium businesses Vinnitsa region took members of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE - Ukraine) . This non-profit filial US Chamber of Commerce initiated a realization on the territory of our region project "Enhancing the impact of business associations on the formation of the resource base of the business environment in the Vinnitsa region." The aim of the project is to create a resource base for development of business environment and small and medium business Vinnytsia region, development of new services for salNes associations for entrepreneurs to provide a framework for advocacy campaigns to an open business information-analytical system resources of the region. According to the results of the project area entrepreneurs have open access to information about unused infrastructure facilities of different ownership, large and small investment developmyou and microcredit and other types of resources. June 15, in Vinnitsa was signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the project Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in Ukraine. According to First Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko who was delegated Signatureyou document on cooperation and a half months is the third example where business associations offer local entrepreneurs projects designed to promote business development in the region. "I note that Vinnichchine this work already carried out and a lot of information that provides project was systematized and freely available to entrepreneursa. For example, the Department of Regional Economic Development Regional Administration regularly publishes information on available municipal property. State Property Fund highlights very transparent, something that is offered in the rental market and privatization. However, the idea of ??the project lies in the fact to establish contacts between representatives of business and weat, and all the resources that are available in each of you, and become the most effective and brought concrete profits entrepreneur. So would ask the organizers of the project as much as possible to promote it through the media, including regional business associations. It will be a living organism, which will give a positive result, "- said Andrew Gyzhko. On terenah Vinnichiny will pursue the projects Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants (SCC) with the support of NGO " ALL " Union of " wall " and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE Ukraine). By the way, Vinnytsia region selected pilot region where the project is implemented. Subsequently, according to his initsiators, the project will continue throughout Ukraine. Reference: Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE - Ukraine) is one of the four major institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy (USA) and the nonprofit branch of the US Chamber of Commerce. CIPE - strengthens democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market reforms. All-Ukrainian association of management consultants - a non-profit professional association, one of whose objectives is to create conditions for small and medium businesses, new jobs, and infrastructure required for sustainable and successful development of Ukraine. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration