State car Transcarpathia refers to road users

over the weekend occurred in three road accidents in which five people died The first accident took place in the village. Belin Rakhiv district 13 June. The driver of VAZ 2109 car lost control and hit a car VAZ 2114. As a result of the accident both drivers in Mayansportnyh vehicles died at the accident. The next incident occurred in Khust on 14 June. The driver of the car brands « Mazda – 3 & raquo ;, Lithuanian registration, about ’ yizhdzhayuchy obstacle on the road, do not comply with safe speed, resulting went to the roadside where a car collided with a tree. As a result of road nryhody two passengers died on the spot. The third fatal accident was in. Coast. Check-out investigative team found that in the city. Driver Coast motorcycle brands « Kawasaki Ninja » lost control, ran off the road and collided with a fence building, resulting from his injuries died on the spot onaction. It should be noted that the driver ran a motorcycle without protective helmet. Vehicles placed in fine area. For all the facts of the accident is checked. State car appeals to drivers and all road users to be extremely careful on the roads of the region, to comply with traffic rules, do not exceed thespeed and use protective helmets. For each error or lyhatstvo is not only health, but life! STI of MIA of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region