In Lutsk builders of our region properly fulfilled the tasks of building fortifications

A working meeting at Head Volodymyr Hunchyka videoselektornoho mode of communication with the leaders of some local authorities, ministries and other central executive bodies, the structural units regional state administration, chairmen of district state administrations, mayors. In videoselektorniy meeting was attended by Mayor Mykola Romanyuk, City Council Secretary Sergei Grigorenko, Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, deputy mayor, business manager of the executive committee Yuri Verbych, Deputy Mayorand Larissa Sokolowski. The meeting began a minute of silence in honor of the deceased to sign ATO volynyanyna Vadim Saka, who was buried last week. The meeting addressed the issue tasks fifth stage partial mobilization and preparation for the sixth wave of mobilization, which will begin on 19 June. It was also noted that in the region on a highorganizational level took place in training territorial defense. Vladimir Hunchyk informed about his participation in the first meeting of the Regional Development Council under the President of Ukraine. It much attention was paid to the transfer of certain powers of authority territorial communities. He instructed to work out proposals for prospective plasticWell voluntary association of communities, focusing on the fact that this document will be recommended, but the final decision belongs exclusively to unite communities. ODA Chairman said that the President of Ukraine visited the east of Ukraine, visited the newly built fortifications and noted that the builders of the region duly completed taskstion. The meeting also discussed preparations for the winter, energy conservation, energy efficiency, in particular, noted the importance of the transfer of gas boilers and solid fuel heating heard the report of the KHP 2. This was reported in Lutsk city council